Dragan ZoltanGoulash is the over 25 years established matured restaurant. In 1994 we opened in a self converted cottage shop leased by Auchmacoy Estate some way east of Ellon and were the first such restaurant presenting Hungarian cuisine in Scotland. Despite of being launched (by neccessity) in the neck of the country wood and middle of nowhere, we were soon discovered by Derek Cooper’s ITV food programme series called Scotland’s Larder.

The ultimate desire and effort to own and run our premises in a location nearer to everyone has paid off. It happened by finding a 2-century old building with a matching interior in heart of Aberdeen. Having converting it from an office we were ready by the Millenium and the show is continuing here. It’s official that Goulash is still the one and only of its kind to north of the border today. Most would say that expanding the company is the road to success. Our philosophy is the opposite. Instead of spreading our wings we pulled our tail in, believing in the proverb that small is beautiful. Proud to say that we are the smallest restaurant in the city, feeding and entertaining the largest percentage of so called “Foreigners”. True, here in the city centre we swapped the tranquil country setting to be pestered by seagulls and Traffic wardens. Nonetheless, Goulash is still the original one behaving like a popular country restaurant.

We are not going to change our own identity and style. Goulash will be here and are determined to stay! Where are we? One quick way to find us: Look along to east end of Union Street until you find a wall clock featured high on the right showing 2.30 in 365 days a year. Take a few steps along from beneath until you discover a dead end lane to where more cars want to enter than leave. Here at daytime the largest No. of cars on record make the shortest visit, only to turn around in a narrowest lane as no parking ever available. It is good for driving practice and is the best for tyre wear. Parking after 6pm. is your pot luck. The simple map below is to serve to be your guide. If you are lost in the dark finding us look for the red, white and green colour sceene with the flags of St. Andrew’s and Hungarian.They will guide you to the door.

Good luck!



We would like to express our gratitude and special thanks to Rylla & Zoltan Dragan for giving us honour and privilege to continue their authentic restaurant, that they have had for many years.

We are more than happy to dedicate ourselves to maintain its reputation leading to succes for several more years to come. We have encountered Rylla & Zoltan and formed true friendship with them, for which we shall always be grateful!

Thank you: Maria & Enrico